Edwin Camps


On September 22, 2014, our lives were forever changed by a farming accident. It was the start of the main potato harvest and it had been very wet. My husband Edwin Camps had been pulling trucks out of the field all morning. As he was going to pull out the next truck in the field everything changed. He went to pull on the next truck and the bumper of the truck bent up and the pin shot out like a bullet coming through the back window of the tractor and striking him on the right side of his jaw and neck. He was knocked out cold. My hired guy jumped on the tractor and shut it off and I called 911. Edwin was bleeding pretty good from the cut on his neck. We were able to control the bleeding as best as we could. About 15 min after the accident he started having trouble breathing. To this day I’m am grateful that HALO was able to pick up my husband in the field and meet STARS at the Lethbridge airport. Edwin ended up with a broken neck in 4 places and a shattered jaw. He is a walking miracle to this day! Edwin blew the doctors away with his recovery and spent 26 days in the hospital. He has a long road ahead of him but if it would not have been for HALO, my husband would not be here to see his son grow up.

-Cayley Camps