HALO on Search and Rescue Mission, Redcliff, AB, December 30, 2018

HALO2 was activated for a search and rescue mission northeast of Medicine Hat by the Redcliff RCMP on December 30, 2018.

HALO2 launched with members on board from the RCMP, EMS, and South Eastern Alberta Search and Rescue (SEASAR).  With excellent interagency cooperation and ongoing training between HALO and SEASAR, this mission was able to be executed.  We are pleased to report the search was successful as one person was found and subsequently transported safely to Medicine Hat Regional Hospital by HALO2.  In this scenario, the members of SEASAR were unable to return to Medicine Hat aboard HALO2. This eventuality is something that is part of the training and is not unexpected.  With exceptional team coordination and cooperation between EMS, Redcliff RCMP, HALO, and SEASAR, a successful outcome was realized.

Without the funding from our communities, these missions just would NOT happen.  A huge thank you to the supporters of HALO.

HALO-2 on Scene South of Etzikom, AB, November 25, 2018

Halo 2 was launched to a scene call south of Etzikom, AB.  An infant was subsequently airlifted to Calgary Children's Hospital.  It took 22 minutes for HALO-2 to reach the scene, then only 75 minutes to the Children's Hospital in Calgary.  

HALO-2 on Scene near Hilda, AB, November 20, 2018

HALO-2 dispatched at 9:27 AM to an area near Hilda, AB on November 20, 218 to a respond to a single vehicle accident.  One female patient was transported to Medicine Hat Regional Hospital.

Update:  A 61 year old female was transported to MHRH in stable condition.  AHS, Cypress County Fire, and RCMP were on scene. 

It is estimated that the patient realized a savings of 30 minutes in transportation time using HALO over ground Ambulance. Thanks to Cypress County Fire who did such an excellent job.  Also thanks to RCMP who were on scene to assist and close the road.