Update 09 - September 26, 2018:

It was an exciting day here at HALO on September 26, 2018, We received the much anticipated Transport Canada approvals and we now have our “OC” Operating Certificate. This means that we are now officially operational and the BK went into service.   Thank you Les Little, Susan McLeod, Chief Pilot Steve Harmer, Pilot Grant Fletcher (an original to the program), and the past and present board members; all who worked tirelessly on the Twin Engine Vision.   Additionally, we would like to thank the Southern Alberta organizations and communities for supporting our vision. We now have significantly increased the level of service in this region. 

To celebrate, we invite everyone to ‘HALO in the Hanger’ on Thursday, October 4, 2018,  at 6 pm. More details to follow.


Update 08 - September 15, 2018:

HALO has completed the installation of EMS equipment and kits in HALO 2. Thank you to Alberta Health Services EMS staff for the wonderful job in this regard.  Flight training has gone well and we have certified the required crew for piloting the new helicopter.  We are currently waiting on final approval by Transport Canada.

Update 07 - August 20, 2018

There is lots of excitement in the air at Rangeland Helicopters and HALO.  Transport Canada has booked our inspection for later this month.

Did you know medevac helicopters need passenger safety briefing cards? Another item completed from our to-do list.

During smoky days, such as we have been experiencing lately, there is often significant dust and particulate matter in the air.  HALO 2 has special particle separators which we can fit or remove as required to help protect the engines from dust etc. HALO 2 can easily cope with smoky or dusty conditions.

A huge thank you Rangeland Helicopters for all the hard work in getting HALO 2 online.

Update 06 - August 18, 2018 

Sewline Upholstery used a special aircraft-approved material and did a great job on the new seat covers and Logos Embroidery added fantastic customization.

Thank you Sewline and Logos for the spectacular work. 

Update 05 - August 17, 2018

Thank you to Spectrum Body and Paint. They did a fantastic job of painting the paramedic boxes.

HALO 2 is coming together. The HALO team continues to work hard to complete the few remaining items required to bring HALO 2 online.


Update 04- August 16, 2018

HALO 2 is having great progress with our engineers rebuilding the aircraft efficiently.

Thank you to Sewline. They are doing some wonderful work on the Paramedic bags and seats.  Sewline has always provided HALO with great quality and have been supporters of the HALO program.  


Update 03 - August 15, 2018

HALO 2 Medical interior items and consumables are being installed by our expert EMS staff.  HALO will be equipped similarly to our ground Ambulances.

Fixed medical items are already installed and certified. Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certifications, are completed.  HALO 2 is shaping up very well. It will not only perform well but will also look great.  There is plenty of prominent space available on this Helicopter for sponsorship.

Please support us, we are striving to be the most cost-effective Helicopter Air Ambulance in Canada ????????


Update 02 August 14, 2018

Work is progressing well with HALO 2. 
Oxygen system 1, 2 and 3 all tested and installed. 
HALO requested that backups and testing be done.


Update 01 -August 14, 2018

HALO has completed all flight testing on HALO 2.

Crews are now being trained on type by the Flight Instructor, to prepare for the Transport Canada mandatory flight tests.